My email signature not appearing on emails sent out from the Email module

My email signature not appearing on emails sent out from the Email module

The most common reason is because your signature likely is formatted in HTML format and you are sending out emails in Plain Text.

If you find that more often than not, you are sending emails that are Plain Text, we would suggest using a signature formatted in Plain Text. Plain Text signatures will always be inserted into emails regardless of whether the emails are HTML formatted or Plain Text formatted.

If a signature is formatted in HTML, it can't be sent in a Plain Text email (if it were, the recipients would see HTML code).

If however you find that your emails going out will all be HTML formatted, an HTML signature adds lots of formatting and graphics options.

You can modify your Email Signature by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the Email Tab.
  2. Click the Signature Button
  3. Modify your signature in the Configure Signature area.
    • You are able to:
      • Add or remove the signature to all messages by default
      • Set the Signature as Plain Text or HTML
      • Enter the Text of your Signature

Please note that this Email Signature will only appear on emails sent from the Email Tab.

If you would like to modify the email message (including signature) sent for Tickets, please see the Ticket Administration Options including New Ticket Routing Rules, Escalation Rules, Action Email Alerts, Time Sensitive Alerts, and Email Templates; Email Module Signature is not applicable to email notifications sent on tickets.


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