Test changes using Parature sandbox

Test changes using Parature sandbox

Parature Sandbox is a test environment included with every deployment of Parature. You can use it to test out changes before making them on your live Parature system. It includes a copy of your Service Desk which is fully enabled except for the following exceptions:

  • Email alerts and Time Sensitive Alerts will not work.
  • Emails, such as "forgot password" emails, will not be sent.
  • Enhanced Search for Customer, Knowledgebase, and Download modules is not available
  • Premium Reporting is not accessible
  • Email to Ticket conversion is not available and cannot be configured
  • Workflow update is not available
  • Portal Interface Landing Page Text and Portal Style Sheet files are not transferred to the Sandbox when updated in your live Production system.
  • Download files and all Ticket file attachments

In addition, if you have purchased a Parature API license, your Parature Sandbox will include comprehensive API functionality.

The data in the sandbox is wiped and refreshed with a copy of your production data on the 1st and the 15th of every month. The data that is restored to the sandbox will be from a prior Monday or Thursday, depending on when the refresh occurs:

  • Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday - the data will be from a backup from the Monday
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday - the data will be from a backup taken on the Thursday

For access to your sandbox environment, please consult the table below. In general, you will just attach "-sandbox" to the end of the URL you use to access your Service Desk to reach your sandbox; for example, if you log into d6.parature.com, you will use d6-sandbox.parature.com to reach your Sandbox.

Service Desk URL Sandbox API Host
supportcenteronline.com sco-sandbox.parature.com
s2.parature.com s2-sandbox.parature.com
s3.parature.com s3-sandbox.parature.com
s4.parature.com s4-sandbox.parature.com
s5.parature.com s5-sandbox.parature.com
s6.parature.com   s6-sandbox.parature.com
s7.parature.com   s7-sandbox.parature.com
d1.parature.com   d1-sandbox.parature.com
d2.parature.com d2-sandbox.parature.com
d4.parature.com d4-sandbox.parature.com
d5.parature.com d5-sandbox.parature.com
d6.parature.com d6-sandbox.parature.com
d7.parature.com d7-sandbox.parature.com
d8.parature.com d8-sandbox.parature.com
d9.parature.com    d9-sandbox.parature.com
d10.parature.com d10-sandbox.parature.com
d11.parature.com d11-sandbox.parature.com
d12.parature.com d12-sandbox.parature.com
d13.parature.com d13-sandbox.parature.com
d14.parature.com d14-sandbox.parature.com
d15.parature.com d15-sandbox.parature.com
d16.parature.com d16-sandbox.parature.com


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